Transaction Security


Common Question:

“What steps does Targe Innovations take to ensure my security while I’m shopping on”


Our Answer:

Some e-commerce merchants like Targe Innovations have invested in an extended validation SSL certificate to offer the highest level of authentication available to online merchants.  It was designed to strengthen online store security and combat phishing attacks on customers to give them the peace of mind necessary to confidently complete a transaction online.


Obtaining an extended validation SSL certificate requires full organization validation.  This process ensures the green address bar is only associated with the most trusted companies.  Targe Innovations is more than happy to take this step to give you confidence in how serious we take your security while you shop with us.


As our customer you will notice the address bar at the top of your browser displays “Targe Innovations Inc.” in green.  This assures you that you are actually shopping with us and your credit card information is being handled securely.  The 2048-bit encryption gives you every confidence to safely complete your transaction with us today.