About Us

Targe Innovations was Founded on the unwavering belief that everyone, regardless of ability or work environment, deserves access to enriching programs designed to help them thrive.
We've dedicated the last 19 years to breaking down barriers and building bridges towards a more inclusive, fulfilling world.

Our journey began with a vision from our president, Jeff Christy, a veteran of five summer Paralympic games.
Jeff dreamed every child with a physical disability could be offered the sort of character building physical group activities he was exposed to as a visually impaired kid.

Now that dream has been realised in this disability-owned business that; for almost two decades; has stood as a testament to what resilience and determination can achieve.

Currently operating across two critical industry verticals, Targe brings transformative solutions to both educational and corporate entities:
1. Adapted Physical Education
We have innovated  adapted physical education equipment and resources specifically engineered for the blind and visually impaired.
Our mission is to place these innovative resources into the hands of educators who  share our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring every child has the right to play and the choice to compete.
2.Corporate Employee Wellness
We connect agile, forward thinking companies with Corporate Employee Wellness Programs that not only enrich the lives of employees and their families but also strategically enhance bottom-line profitability for businesses with no out-of-pocket costs paid by the business or its employees.  

As we navigate towards the future, we remain committed to our guiding principles:

- no child is left on the sidelines during physical education, and demonstrating to corporations that employee well-being can go hand in hand with improving the bottom line.

- at Targe Innovations, we're not just imagining a world where everyone can thrive  - we're helping you build it.