International Customers

Our website shopping cart is set up for purchases delivered within USA & Canada.  This doesn’t mean we have forgotten about our customers overseas.  In fact we have distribution partners in South America, Asia & Europe. 

We are dedicated to serving our customers worldwide.  Targe Innovations will ship products to any destination provided:

1.  We are not prohibited by trade restrictions with the destination country.

2.   The consignee (customer) takes responsibility for all import requirements, tariffs, taxes, duties and restrictions levied by the importing nation

This document will help you understand our policies which make delivering our products to you much easier.

Published Product Prices

Unless otherwise specified, all listed product prices from Targe Innovations Inc.  are United States dollars (USD) sold “Ex-Works” (EXW)according to international trade incoterms.  ExWorkds basically means shipping and handling costs are quoted separately.

International Shipments to Customers

We are happy to facilitate international logistics on behalf of our customers. 

PLEASE NOTE: import regulations and requirements remain the responsibility of the customer. 

Targe Distribution Partners Close to You

 If you are in Europe, South America, Mainland China we will put you in contact with the relevant distribution partner.  Simply fill out the form below including your name, email, closest location and the products you are interested in and we will ask our distribution partner to follow up with you.

Targe Global Facilities

If you are anywhere else in the world we will be happy to serve you from our facilities in North America and Asia.  Simply fill out the form below complete with your name, email, quantities of the products required and your shipping destination.  We will reply with a quote for your order to start the process.  You may also phone our customers service at +1 613 258 4888 to give your quotation requirements to our customer service staff.

Thank you for choosing Targe Innovations


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