About Us

“Improving Lives Through Sport & Wellness"

It’s not just a company tag line.  It’s our mission statement.   It drives what we create and offer.  It drives how we serve our customers.

Targe Innovations was incorporated early in 2005. Since then, our direction & philosophy hasn't changed - it has broadened. 

At the core of Targe Innovations is the desire to naturally enhance the pursuit of physical fitness, competitive excellence & well-being.  

Targe first focused its core values on the conception and creation of equipment for Paralympic athletes.

Paralympic sport has grown out of therapy and charity and into world class, high performance events.

When a sport evolves, equipment often lags behind.  Targe is proud of its role in this evolution.  We have developed products where none existed and we have undertaken research to improve existing equipment.  We are meeting the increasing expectations of competitive athletes pushing the boundaries of a growing sport.

World class athletes no longer accept makeshift or homemade equipment to accelerate their pursuits.  Targe has, and will continue to answer this call.

We are proud to supply the highest levels of Paralympic sport but are even more proud of how our adapted physical education kit is taking Paralympic sport into the schools.  More than just sharing a competitive sport, our kit is sparking classroom discussion about living and achieving with a physical disability.


We’re not just about sports.  Distilled to its essence; Targe is about serving our customer’s desire for excellence.  For some this means winning a medal or championship at the pinnacle of their sport.  For others this means completing a workday pain free.  The common elements in these pursuits are body preparation, protection and maintenance.


As a company we thrive on innovation; ours and that of carefully selected partners with innovations of their own. 


Our customers want the very best for their athletes, patients, clients and themselves.  We don’t hide behind a website, voice mail or fax machine.  We listen to and act on customer feedback from all sports and professional disciplines.  Questions and comments are not only welcomed but required for our excellence.


We are often asked, “What is a targe”? (Rhymes with "LARGE")

A “targe” was a Scottish Highlander's main means of defence in battle.  This circular shield was a light weight, sturdy form of protection.  Its size, weight and design allowed the warrior to make swift defensive and offensive movements with agility and power.

With this in mind we can’t think of a better name for a company dedicated to protection and performance of active people.

We know you have choices and we are glad you are here.  No matter how you define it, we are looking forward to helping you pursue your idea of excellence.

Targe Innovations – Improving Lives Through Sport & Wellness